Dec 13

We’re still alive

Even though this site has been pretty dead for the past two months, we’re still working hard on all the projects in line. Although the new YouTube policy may hinder any future work, we’ll still be pushing until it’s absolutely impossible to upload new machinimas.

The new ContentID program has been getting mixed feelings. Personally for us, some of our videos were flagged, but some haven’t been. So I have no idea what the future holds with what we’re doing, but as mentioned before we aren’t going to stop until it’s impossible to upload it.

So what exactly are we doing nowadays? Here’s a list, because I just LOVE lists:

-Beer vs Game is now streamed. Every Sunday at 3PM EST via  We try to give away free stuff as well, along with sponsors that join us in our drunken adventure.

-Lethal Ladies is still in production. I’ve shot some scenes already, and all that is required is to get some actual body actors in and finish it up.

-Bravo Down is in line to finish as soon as the second episode of Lethal Ladies is launched (so its pretty much next in line).

-Project Icarus is very much still in development. Trying to work with CryTek to get licensed so we may sell this game to you guys when the time arrives. We’re hard at work on our first map, Badlands. You can get all your Project Icarus news by clicking this long link thing.


That’s it for now, I’m going to try and keep the updates short from this day forward. I don’t want to update things unless I have something to show for it. All this hypothetical maybe crap is getting annoying. So the next updates you’ll see from us will either be images, or actual videos.

Oct 14

CryEngine 3

We’ve done it again. We changed engines once more. Why the switch? Because CryEngine. Yes, that’s right, we’ve moved onto CryEngine 3 for the development of Project Icarus.

The first reason why the switch is because Unity isn’t a FPS main engine, it’s built for mostly mobile and RPG games. While there’s no problem with that, it doesn’t really work with Project Icarus. CryEngine just, or is, about to release a new commercial license program that I could not pass up. It’s a royalty program rather than a limit or a cash upfront program like most engines go for these days. And it’s nearly the full engine they provide as well, not something stripped down that Unity and others are known for.

The second reason is the aesthetics. This engine is beautiful. Everything flows and works beautifully. I’m still blown away by how the water moves and reacts to the objects. The particles, the detail, everything is built in. You don’t need to go crazy looking for assets, plugins, or anything of the sort. Everything is provided by CryTek.

The third reason is that it’s stupid easy to learn. There are plenty of tutorials online to help take you in step by step, and it’s forgiving for your nooby-ness. I’ve dealt with Unity for quite sometime and I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Fiddling with CryEngine in 3 days, and I’ve already started to create a map for our game. Yes, it’s that easy.  Scripting and programming isn’t too crazy either because it uses the common LUA and C++ language (and flowchart).

The fourth and final reason is… CryEngine. I mean come on… this badboy rivals UDK and then some! I’ve also noticed the support CryTek offers for their IndieDevs, and it’s second to none. You’re talking to the people that worked on games like FarCry and Crysis who know the engine inside and out. You can’t ask for anything more!

So without further ado, let me show you part 1 of the speed mapping I did with CryEngine for Project Icarus’ first map.

Oct 01

Some quick updates

It’s been a while since I last updated, and for good reason. I’ve decided to keep the updates separated so we can amass more new stuff to show everyone all in one shot.

Currently Lethal Lens is looking for new team members for Project Icarus. We need animators, artists, modelers, riggers, and programmers. We would like to showcase our stuff at expos soon, so we’re looking to get a trailer out the door as fast as possible and begin the long journey on releasing a successful game in the future. We just updated our site that has all the information on what we need broken down. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please refer to this link.

In other news, we uploaded a new video showcasing a map that we’ve been working on for quite sometime called, “Utopia”. Mashed together with a song inspired by the map, by our very own Papkee, you can see the stages of work done by the talented William Koh, who unfortunately isn’t apart of the team anymore.

Thanks for the read guys, if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to e-mail me at In the meantime, I will catch you guys around later for more updates on the game!

Aug 25

Beer vs Game…

…is delayed. Yea, I know, it just showed back up. The reason for this is the episode Rantz recorded had issues. Half way through the video, his camera started shaking like crazy, the game was very boring and nothing of worth was in it. Since I’m making the journey back to the states this Wednesday, I’m going to have 0 time to edit anything. So when I get back to the states, hopefully everything then will go back into gear. Sorry for the delay, but I’ll have Rantz cracking on a new game in the meantime.

Aug 20

August 20th announcement.

So, here we are, finally. We’ve made it to August 20th. Promises were made early on, with a possible demo, and more information to our up coming game, Project Icarus. Before I go further, I do have to say, a lot has changed in the passed 3 months. The amount of work we went through was probably the most this company has seen since its creation back in February of 2012. A lot of staff changes happened during this time, as well. We lost and gained people, and every time we hire a new person, I always think that the team is perfect, and unfortunately, it never usually is. If someone were to sit my butt down and tell me that my machinima company was going to be making a video game, I’d slap them in the face super hard. But then, I’d probably believe it, because I’m that crazy of a person.

So what do we have in store? A lot, I can confidently say that Lethal Lens will be appearing in Cons and Expos in 2014 to promote Project Icarus aggressively. Some of those being Comic Con, and E3. I doubt we’ll have booths, but we are definitely going to be attending them and spreading the word around. We are trying to get into other cons/expos with booths so people interested can play test the game and tell us upfront what they want to see or what their issues were, but that’s further down the road.

I am also excited to announce that I’ll be doing an interview with a wonderful man named Terry, he runs this site. The actual interview is going to be held this weekend and I have no word on when it’ll actually go up on the nets. It’s going to be a first for me, so hopefully, I’ll be able to answer some questions for you guys.

Project Icarus is going through a roller coaster ride of emotions and employees, but our concept is truly capturing like minded individuals, and I don’t think it’ll ever die out. Everyone is truly dedicated to getting this game done, and I fully believe we’ll reach that goal. We have big plans for this game and universe and I cannot wait to tackle each step along the way. Our dev blog, will be going up soon. For some reason it crashed right as I was spicing it up for public vew, and I can’t for the life of me figure it out fast enough to get it out in time. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when that starts working again.

So, August 20th. What’s happening today? Well, lemme put the schedule down on how things are gonna happen for the Lethal Lens channel.

Tuesdays: Fantastic Keyboard Man – August 20th at 8:00PM EST (This will actually premiere when this post goes out)

Thursdays: The Life of Sarah (this will be appearing soon once we get more episodes finished, I’ll keep you all updated if anything changes in the meantime)

Fridays: Beer vs Game – August 23rd at 8:00PM EST (makes its triumphant return)

We have more in the works as well. People from the Dev team want to get into the whole video making thing, so hopefully we’ll get their stuff put up too. Lots and lots of content, and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

Stay tuned for more when we get further down the line.

Aug 15

Game Changers Part 2

Project Icarus:

Upon discovering S2, we realized there wasn’t network functionality to it, we mentioned it in the previous update. After much deliberation and throwing ideas back and forth (even mention of a table top game… I know right?) we decided to go back to unity with our tails between our legs and apologetic chocolate and roses.

2 major factors are the reason why we chose this, 1 one of them mentioned above. The second reason being, while it’s easy translating and converting everything to S2, it’s not as easy going back. I still very much believe that S2 is insanely powerful and simple to use, and we are going to use it (single player maybe?) but we’re not comfortable with it now with no definite plan of networking.

We want our fans to be able to play our game with us in its very early testing phases, get to the bugs almost right away. You know, to tackle everything out of the gate.

With this decision, we lost 2 programmers and brought on another. Going back to Unity has put another spark up our butts causing us to start hiring again. I’ll be putting up job posts soon for programming and other stuff I’ll be mentioning below.

Web Series:
Along with the job posting going up on IndieDB soon, I’ll have jobs available for 3D modelers (including environments and landscape), Level designers, Riggers, and Animators for the up coming web series that will run along side the game come launch. People applying for the web series will be a part of an entirely different team away from the game.

I will release all the information about the web series come August 20th when more things are solidified.

Lethal Lens:

Beer Vs Game:
Is being worked on today. I’m recording the necessary episodes for it and it’ll be going up the week after the comeback.

Fantastic Keyboard Man:
Will be the first video up on our youtube page as a pilot. The first “episode” really is just a test to see it works out (I’ll probably just upload the episodes anyway).

The Life of Sarah (Previously Sarah’s Rants):
Has hit a road hump for the next episodes, but rest assured, we have some stuff planned.

So that is it, in all its collective glory. I hope you guys stick around with us for the August 20th premiere mere days away. Along with the game and LLP as a whole, I think it’s gonna be fun to see what we have planned for the future.

Hugs nd Kisses,



Hey, PS, some new concept for you guys, meet the Sons of Icarus:




Aug 01

Game Changers

I had a difficult decision to make today, and believe me it was tough. As you know, Project Icarus was going to be based on the Unity Engine. Unity being insanely powerful and relatively easy to program in, we thought we could tackle it head on without delays. Unfortunately, we hit massive ones today.

If you guys remember, I said that I was going to have a tech demo today. Well, there wasn’t, and it’s partly because programming with Unity can be overwhelming. Especially to those who don’t fully understand it, but are still venturing into figuring it out.

So what’s the next step? The S2 Engine. Looking at this marvel I knew it would be perfect for our programmers to tackle. The S2 is primarily made for FPS’ which is perfect for what we want to do. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option for networking just yet. So that means there isn’t going to be a public pre-alpha test for you guys to be a part of unfortunately. That doesn’t mean we aren’t planning for one, we really want to do it, but this new engine doesn’t allow it. When we get word that we can implement the code accordingly, I promise you guys will be the first to know.

That just leaves August 20th. What’s going to happen when that date roles around. Well, I’m hoping to have a teaser out, and some in depth look into the game and concept of it. Reveal some awesome expo plans that we’re deciding on, and other great things. We’ll be opening up the website for you guys to jump onto the forums and read developer blogs from our very own dev team.

I apologize again to those who wanted to be a part of the pre-alpha test, but we have to do things that benefit the game first. We are definitely sure this decision will wow you in the future, just a little patience is needed.

Hugs nd Kisses,


Jul 30

Spam, Spam, Spam!

I just spent the last hour and half running through all the subscribers and deleting them. It seems putting up a contact forum was a bad idea, because now bots are using it against me, by spamming the ever loving hell out of it.

If you were one of those registered users, I’d kindly ask for you sign back up again. I’ve added a new system to weed out all the spam bots from registering., so it hopefully won’t happen again.

Sorry for all the of inconvenience.


Jul 27

Updates for Project Icarus



  • We’re still hard at work trying to figure out a website scheme for both Lethal Lens and the Project Icarus websites. We want both of them to be seamless between users who are interested in LLP and PI updates but don’t want to type in two different URLs to get there. 
  • With that said, we’re still on the lookout for a person who is familiar with mySQL databases. Not just for the website, but for another update you’ll see further down in this post.


  • Our programmers are working on health, game UI, menus, and networking. We’re thinking about using Photon Cloud services in our to run our first Pre-Alpha build. Once we feel we’re comfortable with that, the rest of the programming will come easy.
  • Rigging will begin on the models and our animator Torrian will take a crack at it and hopefully we’ll be ready in time.
  • August 1st is our scheduled tech demo. Doing this will let us understand where we are and where we need to be come the August 20th reveal.

Game Specifics:

  •  Since we just finished a basic form of the Hossuun, we’re now looking into the Sons of Icarus concept art. Our artist, Christie Shinn, is talented at this sort of stuff, so expect some sweet concept art soon along with speed modeling by Francois Klose, our character modeler.
  • We’ve decided to strip the story out of Project Icarus and make it just a multi-player game. Our idea of introducing story elements dependent on faction wins was battled within and we all decided to just remove the elements all together. If you’ve seen the timeline before and are hurt by our decision,  try not to worry, because we’re working on making it a web series.


August 20th is a big day for us. It marks the return of Lethal Lens with its youtube shows, as well as a brand new step into something completely different. Project Icarus is something we’ve all wanted to do, but were afraid to take the necessary steps to get it done. I’m confident that my team will conquer our current issues and succeed in making a game worthy of your time.

So what’s happening August 20th? Well, we wanted to reach out and see how many of you are interested in this new endeavor, in which we’re opening up Pre-Alpha testing to the public. Since we’re using the photon cloud servers, we can only max things out at 50 users. So, in the upcoming days, on the Project Icarus website, we’ll have a contact form for you guys to fill out and register for the pre-alpha testing. It will be on a first come, first serve basis. It was going to be a friends and family ordeal, but we realized we didn’t have enough to truly stress test the game; we decided to go public.

The incentives to join the pre-alpha, if being a part of the first steps isn’t exciting enough, would be a discount of the game come release. All the participants will receive an amazing discount of the game when it comes time to release the full version. We also want to give out special prizes to those who participate. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to mention what these prizes will be since we don’t even know what they are just yet. The company is still going under budgetary structuring for the development, and we have no real funding just yet.

I’ll be sure to update everyone regularly once more updates start rolling in. I know I’ve said “be excited” before, but this time I truly mean it. Things are happening with Lethal Lens that are nothing shy of  amazing, and I cannot wait for you guys to see what we have in store.


Hugs nd kisses,


Jul 18

Hossuun Speed Modeling

Our talented modeler Frank takes concept art given by Christie and does a quick run with it. All of this is still concept but we’re proud to see our team members work so hard to get this game done.

Check out the concept art and the video below!

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